G5M6 | Tencent PUPU Aliens x BIG HEART


PUPU ALIENS x BIG HEART Co branded series limited fashion play , There are two , Namely : Fusion and comparison . PUPU ALIENS x BIG HEART It’s the heart money.

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G5M6 | Tencent PUPU Aliens x BIG HEART I didn’t say anything for a long time because we were crazy busy.

A large number of projects are still in the confidential stage, but they will soon meet with you in an explosive manner.

The first to appear is the cooperation with Tencent PUPUAlien.

The concept this time is “melting” and “melting”.

when you have been working hard, one day you will be seen when

the PUPU team finds us,

we are suffering from the extreme heat at the exhibition, we

feel that the whole person is greasy and is

about to be dissolved by the sun ,

but the chemical reaction happens wonderfully

” “My heart has melted”

may be a positive word

like a baby smiling innocently at you, like a boyfriend suddenly giving you a favorite gift

, or a negative word

like disappointment has hit rock bottom, like a trusted friend An unintentional slander

– melting, may not be able to

arouse people’s environmental awareness


love the concept of “melting” and we

designed several models in one go. In the end, if the remaining two models can’t be


let’s launch two models together

. When people get along


people is no longer a heart-to-heart communication

When heart-to-heart becomes a luxury

When “love” is no longer forever

“Love” is easy to say, but it is easy to deteriorate.

If “love” also has a shelf life, would you still have reservations?


named it “Bi Xin”

Those who compare hearts in front of the camera

are because of loneliness? Or because of sincerity?


remembered my favorite poem in Shen Fu’s “Six Records of a Floating Life”: “I

will stand with you in the evening when I am free, and I will laugh in front of the stove and ask if the porridge can be warm.”

When I compared my heart to you, you caught it. Is this a more beautiful attribution?


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