HE AQUA SPSAKER with dancing water jets.


output power;5w
power supply;usb.5w/1A
rechargeable internal battery;1200 mAh
size w.100.mm /d.100.mm/ h.207.mm
weight; 800 gm

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Smooth and stylish, a super cool bluetooth speaker with dancing water jets.

Shaped in a futuristic bullet design, this portable speaker is built with seven powerful water jets that are audibly responsive to your tunes. As your music starts to play, the light and water show moves in time with the beat. The 5 watt speaker comes with built in rechargeable battery and charging cable, providing around 4 hours of playback time. Compatible with almost any music playing device, or can connect via AUX or with an SD card. Water that moves to the groove – strangely hypnotic, just brilliant!


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