Every LTNCPINS has gone through our double quality inspection to ensure that it is worth treasuring when it reaches your hands. Each LTNCPINS is crafted in cast zinc alloy inlaid with hard enamel and is finished with an electroplated nickel coating or high quality baking paint.

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Who said  HIPHOP IS DEAD ART TOY – BASIC ? There’s a new toy on the block, and he means business! Made by Lightning Crew, aka. LTNC, the toy features a gangster-style skull and a muted pastel color-palette.
HIPHOP IS DEAD ART TOY – BASIC  stands at just over 4 inches tall, sporting a removable transparent cap that reveals the great added touch of a sculpted blue brain. And just take a look at those hollowed out eyes! The paintwork looks incredible as the blue color fades to a pale pink before hitting a bolder tone at the base of the skull.
This PVC and ABS toy also presents various black tattoos across the skull to brilliantly play up the hip-hop and punky theme of the piece.
Interestingly, LTNC originally began creating enamel pins after leaving his job in Beijing, before finding a further inspiration for making designer toys!
To claim your statement skull produced by LTNC, visit and other retailers. HIPHOP IS DEAD is available to pre-order at $88 with release in November! Get it quick before a zombie chows down on its brain!
  • Material: PVC, ABS and mixed media
  • Height: 5,1 inches (13mm)
  • Edition of 150
  • Each order will be given a set of special sticker
  • Numbered and special edition paper jam
  • Special edition pin