The Losers Club went through almost-literal Hell to rid Derry of that nasty ass clown and they didn’t even get anything to show for it. You know, aside from a safe-ish place to live for another 27 years.

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  • If only the real Pennywise were this adorable
  • This definitely won’t completely terrify you in the night
  • Seriously detailed, perhaps even horrifyingly so
  • Ominous red balloon not included
  • We didn’t know clowns could be cute but here we are
They should have got one of these each as a trophy. An adorable diddy rendering of every child’s worst nightmare that glows in the dark. In fairness, they would probably rather never have to see Pennywise again, even in cute little light-up form.
Give him a place of pride on your bedside table as a night light, or in your living room as a funky centrepiece. ‘Hey, what’s with the clown?’ your guests will ask. ‘You don’t wanna know’ you’ll reply. What kind of cretins haven’t seen IT?! Alternatively, just stick him in the gutter where he belongs and pray he doesn’t come after you. Saves you all the awkward questions


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