LIBERTYDEAD Freedom is not free. Countless wars and riots can buy a period of peace and freedom. Libertydead harvests the soul and makes mankind pay a price on the road to peace and freedom. His existence is a constant reminder that human freedom is hard to come by.

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Artist – Lim
Producer – LTNC STUDIO
Material – PVC
Magnetic – Mask, Bomb
Size – 17cm

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  • Material: PVC, ABS and mixed media
  • Height: 5,1 inches (13cm)
  • Edition of 150
  • Each order will be given a set of special sticker
  • Numbered and special edition paper jam
  • Special edition pin

Every LTNCPINS has gone through our double quality inspection to ensure that it is worth treasuring when it reaches your hands. LIBERTYDEAD ART TOY  Each LTNCPINS is crafted in cast zinc alloy inlaid with hard enamel and is finished with an electroplated nickel coating or high quality baking paint.We use a lot of special production processes to make sure that every LTNCPINS you buy is different from an ordinary pin. Pin them to your favorite bag or jacket, or simply display them on your desk. No matter where you put them you’ll be sure to stand out!


I am a complete novice to toy creation. But I love art toys.
Due to lack of experience, we encountered a lot of problems in creating art toys in our studio, but so far we have solved it smoothly. We can express our ideas and ideas more completely.

2022 is unusual for us. We won’t release a lot of toys. But each toy is more expressive. We expect our users to like it from different angles. We will also spend more energy and time on after-sales service.

Thank you for buying our toys: )


We are a visual design studio from Shenzhen, China. We design toys, PINS and some interesting things.

At the same time, we also want to show you the Chinese culture from our perspective. The world has been plagued by the COVID-19 epidemic in the past two years. We will participate in some exhibitions around the world after the end of the epidemic.

When we doing design, we always put the customer first, if we have any problems with our products, please contact us: )


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