Mecha Elfie Series Blind Box


verybody’s favorite Elfie is getting a mecha makeover! Too Natthapong’s Elfie design gets reworked from the inside out with all new parts!

The half-half split shows the sleek shell on one side while the other side encased in clear plastic shows us what makes Mecha Elfie move!

Mecha Elfie is available in 6 different colorways to collect!

Available in either a single blind box or a full case of 6.

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Product Name: Elfie Mecha Vol.1 By Lamtoys x WazzupBaby

Size: ~9 cm

Material: ABS / PVC / Resin

Quantity: Set includes 6 basic patterns, or 5 basic patterns and 1 secret pattern

Design: Wazzupbaby

Produce: Lamtoys

Please note: these products are called “Blind boxes” – you will not be able to choose which model you will receive. You won’t know what you get until you open it. The surprise will be an indispensable spice for the game to be more interesting.


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