UFO Robot Grendizer Coin Bank
Some say the safest place to put your money is the bank, but that’s because they haven’t seen new Grendizer Coin Bank yet. Put your cash and coins under the protection of the fearsome defender of Fleed, Grendizer. Carefully modeled to closely match the head of the titular mech, its a perfect gift for fans of the classic super robot series.

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  • Officially licensed Grendizer coin bank

  • Modeled after the head of the giant fighting mech, Grendizer

  • Made of PVC

  • Size 15cm

  • Designed in France

  •  Grendizer coin bank.

  • Features a 3D design based on the bust of the iconic super robot, Grendizer.

  • Lightweight coin bank made of PVC.

  • Ideal for holding coins and cash.

  • This Grendizer bust makes a great decorative piece for the home or office!